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<p>Talk about an exciting duo – this week it came to our attention that concept artist, Kevin Baik (Call of Duty), and game designer, Ryan Kang (Blade &amp; Soul), have joined forces in their upcoming action RPG Project Dystopia.</p><p>Though there's very little information released as to what we can expect story-wise for Project Dystopia, it's clear that they're steering far away from the 'traditional' RPG setting of medieval/fantastical environments. Inspired by the recent Overwatch boom and the positive reception to a different concept, the game will focus more on the dystopian/sci-fi genre.</p><p>"Overwatch has proved that gamers are looking for a new concept. We are developing this game for the global audience." CEO of Blackbeard, Ryan Kang, said after concluding that RPGs are not quite so popular on a mobile global scale.</p><p>Blackbeard is aiming to beta/soft-launch the game in Q4 of this year. Until then check out the images attached and keep an eye out for future news.</p>.

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