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Pocket Rogues Mod Pocket Rogues Mod v1.099 Fix 3 (Mod Money) Features:Mod MoneyDynamic action-roguelike with generation, blood and leveling. Enjoy!Many centuries dark dungeon lured hapless travelers with their secrets and treasures. One by one, they disappeared, met true Evil, but only the grim legend heated greedy desire more and more adventurers. So why not become one of them?Supported languages: English, RussianGo down into the abandoned catacombs full of spawn of the abyss, to challenge them and then rob the cold corpses!* Multiple character classes: Warrior, Archer, Wizard and Monster Hunter* Tons of loot, monsters, and unique skills that are just waiting for someone handed them a hand!* RPG-component: the elements of role-playing and roguelike games, the ability to fasten on anything you find, as well as strengthen your character before each raid* Generated dungeons, items and enemies - each outing will be unique* Full control over your character - the combat system in real time, flying in all directions, the meat and the blood. Mmmm! ...

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