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    The Fighting Cocks and the EagleThe Sick Stag&#;

    �The Wolf in Sheep's ClothingAll melting; though our drops this diff'rence bore:

    ��The Ass and His Driver

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    <p>It wasn't too long ago that we found out Sony was hopping on the teeny console bandwagon with their own micro-console, the PlayStation Classic. Today the full list of 20 pre-loaded games has been announced and it's better than I'd expected.</p><p>&#;"That was the night Gilbert recited `Bingen on the Rhine,' and looked at you when he said, `There's another, NOT a sister.' And you were so furious because he put your pink tissue rose in his breast pocket! You didn't much imagine then that you would ever marry him."

    �'Yet did I not, as some my equals did,�


    The Ass Carrying the Image�Truth and the Traveler

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