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<p>The fun low-poly golf game OK Golf has dropped in price for the first time, available for 1.99p / 1.99c on the App Store.</p><p>Focusing more on causal fun than deep simulation, OK Golf challenges you to hit balls across the square plots of golf course, avoiding trees, water traps, and sand with your swings. A hole in one is as easy as dragging on the screen to power your swing, choosing between more power but less accuracy or vice versa.</p><p>The camera and lack of depth means OK Golf may get repetitive in the long term, but its quick easy-to-play golfing earned it a Bronze Award in our review.</p><p>You can purchase OK Golf on iPad and iPhone.</p>.

GAME NAME Helix Jumper Ball

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com.sigmateam.Helix Jumper Ball.free

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