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<p>Following the unanticipated success of Magikarp Jump's release last week, The Pokemon Company has revealed its next game: PokeLand.</p><p>PokeLand is a Pokemon Rumble-esque game where mini toy-like characters battle it out on various different islands. Though, you can also get stuck into training plenty of other mini monsters in between duels.</p><p>The Pokemon Company is currently holding an Android-only alpha test for the first 10,000 participants between now and June 9th in Japan.</p><p>Though there'll be a 15-floor Champion Tower, 134 Pokemon (give or take) to start with, 52 stages, and six islands, the data is non-transferable and will be erased once the alpha comes to a close.</p><p>There's no word yet on international release, but we'll keep you updated when we know more. </p>.

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