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<p>The Peter Molyneux-led free-to-play god game Godus has finally arrived on Android whether you wanted it to or not.</p><p>Using your fingers, you grow and mold the landscape while looking over your followers as they survive upon these primal lands with your help.</p><p>You can use miracles to create rivers and throw meteors if, for some reason, you want to cause huge fires.</p><p>Despite being released and free, Godus is still a work-in-progress, with many features yet to be added.</p><p>Multiplayer is one of those features, and when it does arrive, Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson will be playing the role of supreme god.</p><p>But his reign won't last forever. After about six months, there will be opportunities to overthrow Henderson to become god yourself, and earn the money that comes with it.</p>.

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