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4、'For further I could say this man's untrue,Update on March 23rd at 12:48: King Rabbit is now out on iOS for £0.79. If you want to learn more about the game, read the original news below and enjoy!<p>Furdemption took me by surprise when it launched on iOS. It looked cute. And then I played it.</p><p>The bloody mess that the game becomes after you failed ten times the level cannot be shown by screenshots alone, that was something you had to see.</p><p>The platforming was quite hard and required you to be extremely fast and precise if you wanted to succeed.</p><p>Thankfully, the level design was always brilliant and though it lacked a bit of content at the start, a huge free update added new levels.</p><p>I was pretty excited when the sequel, now called King Rabbit was announced. The gameplay's pretty much the same which means more of the same twitchy and intense platforming. But that's a good thing!</p><p>We now know that the game will ship on March 24th.</p><p>Check out the trailer announcing the release date below:</p>

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